The Feasibility Analysis and Development Forecast of the Operation of «Colorful Towns» as a Start-up Project

Now life rhythm is fast, office workers, student party, according to the time period, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea series can be used as a good reference product. Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s living standards, consumers not only pursue cheap and simple consumption, but also a quality of life problem. What the project is to do is, low fat, nutritious, healthy food, from a deeper level, the nature of food to give us better points. At present, the market prospects of this project are still very good.  At present, there are no similar restaurants in market. Based on this, first of all, the promotion and operation of colorful towns in life are introduced in general, and then the feasibility of colorful towns in real life and specific countermeasures are analyzed.

«Colorful Town» is a goal that we will start a business with college students as a team.  Its actual nature is a catering shop with a variety of elements. The project wants to build a restaurant with rice, fruit, plants, eggs and vegetables as its main diet.

1)      Prediction of the Marketing Mode and Operation of «Colorful Towns»

«Colorful Town» marketing mode in the early stage of business use point marketing, we choose a processing site, batch processing of our food, take-away sales, or in the vicinity of the University Town there is a large number of people in the area of a small booth. This can not only save costs, but also better contact with consumers, choose the time period for sales, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea. It can be in a convenient form, so that for some office workers and student parties, they can take a breakfast with them on their way. In the mid and late stages, we will increase the delivery form, apply for the establishment of our online ordering platform, by accepting takeout orders for distribution. Then, through advertising, leaflets, Facebook Friendship Network and other means of publicity.

The main food of «Colorful Town» is the series of colorful rice cakes. With fruit and vegetable beverages, theme foods, low-fat meals and other series of non-staple food marketing. Use color to attract people’s attention, especially to the female consumer group has a better attraction, gorgeous color, lovely shape, different tastes step by step to deepen the consumer’s impression, attracting more people is our advertising. According to our campus survey and social survey, up to 85% of the people are willing to buy our goods, which shows that the future turnover of «colorful town» is considerable.

2)      Analysis of the Present Situation of Modern Catering Market

Nowadays, restaurant patterns emerge in endlessly, such as revolving sushi, frying bags and so on. In the mall, where there are these restaurants, there will be many people waiting in long lines for meals. But most people don’t patronize the restaurant over and over again, and the novelty will be forgotten. Compared with freshness, contemporary people pay more attention to health and hygiene.  Most people prefer to cook a clean and healthy meal at home by themselves rather than eating out. However, our team found that although people feel that cooking by themselves is hygienic enough, they still can’t meet the needs of taste buds. Nowadays, there are few restaurants on the market that can satisfy both delicious and hygienic safety standards. Even the seabed salvage, which has been widely recognized, has had health problems in the past few days. Therefore, the project of «Colorful Town» is devoted to creating a green, safe, healthy and delicious catering shop.

3)      Feasibility Analysis of Operation of «Colorful Towns»

  • To meet the requirements of modern society for food health

Modern people have a high demand for food.  In addition to safety and nutrition, they also need innovation and speed.  The products of «colorful town» mainly face young urban people.  These people include students, office workers and so on.  They are in the forefront of fashion and are the main consumers of the city.  At the same time, their life rhythm is very fast.  They often eat fast food and take-out as the main diet. They understand that fast food is not nutritious and healthy, but because they have no time to wait or cook by themselves, only fast food meets their needs. However, the main products sold in «Colorful Town» can be produced in a short time, and also because of the addition of vegetables, which can enhance nutritional mix, fully in line with the needs of consumers.

  • Filling in the gaps in the current similar markets

At present, there are no similar products in market. The products of «Colorful Towns» fill the vacancies in the market and meet the needs of consumers.  The competitive pressure is much smaller than other forms of catering.  The potential business opportunities are bigger.  In terms of both the development trend of modern society and the risks and pressures, the «Colorful Towns» have great advantages.

  • New things attract more attention.

«Colorful Town» is a new food.  It aims at the young people in the city.  They generally like to pursue innovative new things.  Moreover, these people are more receptive to new things.  More importantly, the management concept and product characteristics of colorful towns are in line with each other.

Young people’s demand for food can also ensure the sustained consumption of consumers on the basis of successfully attracting consumers.

4)      Specific Measures for Operation of «Colorful Towns»

  • Make up for the shortcomings of product quality and service

Whether in kind or in service, there may be defects or deficiencies. Product defects or deficiencies may be innate, accidental, or «pranks» from customers. However, both deficiencies and deficiencies can be «fatal», «even multinational enterprises with mature management and operation modes will encounter such problems, as the»McDonald’s oil incident»in Wuhan, Changchun and other places in the past few years, and the»Sudan Red incident»in KFC in 2005, which proves this point. Of course, remedy or remedy, as soon as possible to solve the problem, out of the crisis is the most critical.

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  • Embodiment of Differential Marketing

With the development of society, the market competition in catering industry is becoming more and more fierce.  More and more enterprises are facing the same problem: How does the marketing of enterprises differentiate?As we all know, for catering industry, the operation space of product, technology, technology, concept, packaging and other aspects of differentiation is becoming smaller and smaller.  Therefore, it reflects the importance of differentiation, that is, the innovation ability of an enterprise.  If an enterprise lacks the most basic innovation ability, the enterprise will inevitably lack vitality. In fact, for differentiated marketing, enterprises can start from two aspects, which include service and brand. The service that consumers receive will change with the change of environment, time, place, person and so on, which is the very advantageous aspect of differentiated marketing. Take the differentiation of service positioning as the guide, accurately locate the docking market, and play the differentiation service marketing card around this positioning.

  • Service innovation

With the development of society and the improvement of people’s income level, people’s consumption level also increases.  Based on this, it will inevitably lead to higher requirements of consumers for products, and their requirements are reflected in the quality of goods and the comfort of services. Products need innovation and services need innovation. Therefore, the corresponding enterprises need to constantly introduce new, special and strange service levels to meet consumers’demand for services. In order to keep an invincible position in the competition, in addition to constantly improving the quality of goods, we must also establish a sense of «service innovation» and constantly update and improve our services.

5)      Summary

The color and taste of the products are optional.  There is no need to worry about a series of problems such as pigments and preservatives.  The source of color is natural ingredients in edible plants, fruits and vegetables. Scientific research has shown that colorful foods help to stimulate appetite. Too fast pace of life also leads to many times people can not enjoy the need for complex processes of food, so fast is also the focus, simple desserts and drinks, to meet people’s nutritional needs, but also in line with the rhythm of modern life.

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