¿How to set up a successful Beauty Salon in China?

China is a country with rich culture. People attach great importance to the cultivation of their own cultural literacy. At the same time, they have a strong belief in Oriental culture. If we want to set up a successful beauty salon in China, we must integrate the essence of modern corporate culture and traditional culture, and take Confucianism as the basic criterion of «benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and faith», and regard honesty as the important content of corporate spirit and corporate culture.

In addition, the Chinese people are also very keen on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. In order to survive successfully in the beauty parlors in China, besides complete beauty and body-building projects, they also need other health-preserving projects with Chinese characteristics, such as acupuncture and moxibustion, massage, Qigong and so on.

Advantage Positioning of Beauty Salons

Nowadays, most of China’s beauty industry is based on modern management mode, and few people integrate traditional culture into enterprise culture. We need to practice traditional culture in enterprises, change traditional management concepts, build happy enterprises, integrate humanistic care into the blood of enterprises, and implement love, care, mutual assistance and humility in everyone’s body and mind, so as to make every arrival. Customers feel the service with heart. At present, in the existing beauty parlors in China, many enterprises, such as Fangzi Beauty and Suzhou Gougong, are practicing the traditional culture effectively. Learning and learning from their business model and corporate culture will also be an important driving force for the successful operation of a beauty parlor in China.

Basic Situation of China’s Beauty Industry

  1. The number of practitioners in beauty parlors throughout the country is on the rise, and there are enough technicians.
  2. Beauty industry has become the industry with the largest number of employees in the tertiary industry.
  3. There are 40 beauty parlors in every 10,000 households. People attach great importance to beauty.
  4. The gross income of the cosmetology industry accounts for 2.8% of the national GDP and 6.7% of the tertiary industry. It is growing by leaps and bounds.
  5. The average number of employees in each beauty parlor is 5.1. The average wage of employees in the beauty industry is slightly higher than that of other industries.
  6. The average monthly money spent on cosmetology by the urban population is 50.2 yuan (about 8 dollars).

Enterprise concept

Designed specifically for women, it provides the most healthy and beautiful service items for women, and the most warm, romantic and intimate leisure places.

Enterprise target

In order to provide the most perfect service for modern urban women and complete people’s pursuit of beauty. Beauty parlors provide consumers with a «three-in-one» best service environment of body, mind and soul through multi-faceted, three-dimensional services, reaching the top professional level and super-first-class service of five-star beauty parlors.

The pace of modern life is accelerating, and the pressure of life and work is increasing, especially for women. Urban women go to beauty parlors no longer only to focus on body shape and skin, but also to ease emotions, so that occasional discomfort of the body to get health care. Consequently, health SPA hall came into being at the historic moment. The so-called health care cosmetology, in addition to the current development of sub-health alleviation of beauty projects, another trend is to close the distance with nature, so that customers really experience the spiritual convalescence, so that exhausted body and mind completely relaxed. Being in the natural environment of real mountains and rivers, and then massaging the body by mixing some aromatic plant essential oils in various SPA courses, relieving pressure, balancing endocrine, relaxing the skin, so that the body and mind can be recuperated. Therefore, we need to build a real human enterprise, which is different from other beauty parlors on the market.

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