Research pathways in teaching english to speakers of other languages. Presentation

Autor: Dr. César Eduardo Jiménez Calderón

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1. Reality

Concept: Reality is everything that exists consciously (culture) or being conscious through your will (learning) or might observe spontaneously (empirical).


Any Centre belongs to the reality.
Our ideas, concepts and cosmovision belong to the reality.
Also, animate and inanimate things belong to the reality.
Other upcoming knowledge and thoughts if they exist.

2. Problematic situation

Concept: It is the necessary current condition of reality that surrounds the object under study (lackness, deficiencies, wrongly working processes, routinely habitual events).
The researcher gathers data or information quantitatively or qualitatively by means of a Matrix for Diagnosing the Reality (see 2.1).

Key words: words that frequently appear and emerge when describing the problematic situation. They are useful for data bases.


Subtitles of any Language Centre scenario
Inadequately teaching strategies when acquiring a new language
Students of a foreign language use the new language inappropriately
Diversity interests of students
Misunderstanding of own skills

Key words: teaching strategies, foreign language use, acquiring skills, students’ interests.

3. Problem

Concept: It is the abstraction of problematic situation, by contrasting concepts, theories, or experience that limit or impede reaching a desirable, feasible, sustainable state.

The parts of problem: Deficiency: shortness; permanent need, lack, or weak processes
Limitation: something that restraint; the state of being limited (skills or processes) now.


Deficiency: teaching strategies when acquiring a new language
Limitation: own learning techniques to acquire a new language in ABC Language Centre

Statement of Problem:

There is a deficiency on teaching strategies when acquiring a new language that limits the students’ own learning techniques in order to acquire a new language in ABC Language Centre.

4. Object under study and Specific Field

Concept: Object is the abstraction from the research problem through a systemic connection among the exogenous and endogenous elements.

If the interacting mechanism among the intervening elements:

a) cannot be observed = it is a scientific research (scientific cognition).

b) can be observed = it is a technological research (scientific practice).

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Descargar Original

Dr. César Eduardo Jiménez Calderón -

Profesor de la Universidad Católica Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo. Perú.

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